Antelope Hunting | Bear Hunting


A1S.W. New Mexico Antelope Hunting offers hunters some of the best Trophy Antelope Hunting potential in the world. Considering the great trophy potential every Antelope hunter should be applying to this state. Hunters must first draw a license for either a rifle hunt or bow hunt. Hunters who draw a bow license can hunt any public land that is open within the unit boundary. Rifle hunters who draw a license through the public draw are then included into a second draw which decides ranch assignment for your hunt. In the southern units of the state, on a good moisture year, Antelope bucks are common in the “80-85″ range with occasional bruisers going over 90”. If you wish to increase your odds of drawing a trophy quality antelope tag for either a rifle or bow you can sign up with Upfront Outfitters and get into the New Mexico outfitter draw pool which will greatly increase your odds. Guaranteed Landowner Tags are also available for these high quality hunts.

Hunting methods for either archery or rifle Antelope Hunting will include spot and stalk, and possibly blinds over water for a less strenuous Antelope Hunting Trip. Archers should expect several shot opportunities and multiple stalks per day. During the rifle Antelope Hunting we will be targeting specific Antelope which we have determined to be the best trophy class for the ranch we are hunting.
New Mexico Trophy Antelope dates and Pricing
3 day Rifle hunt
One Hunter One Guide
$2,950+ 6% N.M state sales tax

Two Hunters One Guide $1,950+ 6% N.M state sales tax


No Baits! No Hounds! Methods include Spot & Stalk, Calling, Stands over water holes.

New Mexico is home to a large population of black bears. Many of these New Mexico bears are color phased in chocolate or cinnamon with the occasional blonde bear sightings. It seems that we see more color phased bears in our area than pure black. Upfront Outfitters spend our summer months scouting New Mexico Bear, both on foot and with trail cameras. We do this so you can have the highest success rates and be sure these are the bears that we target while hunting. New Mexico Bear Hunting is on a quota system so we suggest you do our Bear Hunting in August before the quota is filled and we can put you on those summer monsters that we have already located. Archery Bear Hunters have the option of making their Bear Hunting as an additional species provided the quota is not filled and they have the proper tag. Contact us for more information on obtaining the proper license for this bonus.

The average New mexico Bear size is roughly 6 ft. and nearly 85-90% color phase. We do see many bears larger than this including some real giants. The New Mexico Bear seems to be very aggressive toward calling and eagerly come to a distress call. We call several bears in each year and the experience is both exciting and unforgettable. While calling is the most exciting of our methods, hunting from ground blinds over remote water holes is very productive as well. On some of our best Bear Hunting days we have seen up to 5 on the same water hole. This is a perfect Hunting Trip to harvest a great color phase Black Bear. 

2015 August Bear Hunting Dates and Pricing
5 day hunts-
August 17-21
August 24-28
Two Hunters One Guide $3,250 + 6% N.M state sales tax
One Hunter One Guide
$4,500+ 6% N.M state sales tax

The New Mexico Black Bear Hunting prices include all lodging, meals, transportation, trophy care, and personalized guide service once arriving at our camp. Black Bear Hunters are responsible for transportation from the airport to camp, however other arrangements can be made in advance for airport shuttle at an additional