New Mexico Hunting



New Mexico MonsterNew Mexico Hunting for World class elk, deer and antelope is a favorite among many trophy hunters. New Mexico with it’s great draw odds and incredible trophy potential is, without question, the best bang for your buck when it comes to quality big game hunting. We have years of experience and success hunting in the world famous Gila and Cibola National forests and surrounding lands. With our knowledge of hunting big game and our proven success choose Upfront Outfitters for your next big game hunt. Our knowledge and dedication to scouting will reward you with a great New Mexico Hunting experience.  Upfront Outfitters can assist you in applying for the New Mexico state draw or we can assist you in obtaining a guaranteed landowner tag in one of the top units of the state. We offer Trophy Elk Hunting, Deer Hunting, Antelope Hunting and Bear Hunting in New Mexico. Please visit our New Mexico Elk Hunting or Antelope Hunting page for more information and pricing.


Both Resident and Non Resident New Mexico tags are obtained through a public draw system with a deadline of March 18 or through the purchase of a guaranteed landowner tag. Non Residents applicants wishing to use an outfitter are entered into a separate draw pool and have very good odds of drawing a muzzleloader or archery tag in a top New Mexico trophy unit. Rifle Hunting tags are the hardest to draw but they produce some exceptional opportunities for trophy hunting. Non Residents wishing to apply to the Outfitter draw pool must have a signed contract with the New Mexico outfitter before you can apply, you must then use that outfitter for your New Mexico Hunting trip. Non Residents must purchase a New Mexico Hunting License in the amount of $65 and purchase an Elk Hunting License in the amount of $788 to be entered into the draw. All but $20 is refundable if you happen to be unsuccessful.
For more information on New Mexico Hunting and to download the current regulations contact NEW MEXICO HUNTING


DSCF3478New Mexico hunters have the option of purchasing a guaranteed elk or antelope landowner certification-also referred to as a guaranteed tag. These are sold on a first come, first serve basis with deposits being taken as early as a year in advance for quality units. By purchasing a landowner certification you are guaranteed to hunt without waiting to draw a tag. When you purchase a certification your are still responsible for purchasing the non resident required state license and tag fees . There are two types of landowner tags.
Ranch only – meaning you can only hunt the private ranch that it was purchased for and you cannot hunt the surrounding lands. Unit Wide– meaning that you are able to hunt the entire public unit and private ranch that your certification originated. If you are interested in a landowner tag plan early and reserve one with a deposit months in advance. This gives you the best opportunity to secure your tag. With the purchase of a landowner certification you can still apply to the state draw . If your are successful in the draw then your certification can be sold to a third party so that you aren’t out any money.

Contact us to learn more about applying to the New Mexico draw or to obtain a landowner tag and book your hunt today with Upfront Outfitters.