Upfront Outfitters offers a wide range of options when it comes to accommodations, however we do not offer hunts from a lodge. On a typical trip you arrive at a comfortable base camp the day prior to the hunt. The base camp is where you will park your vehicle and leave any extra gear for the week. Once you arrive the base camp you will have the option to hunt from there or we have the option to move to a more remote spike camp or backpack camp depending on the location, weather, species and time of year.


Base camps are accessible with a 4 wheel drive vehicle and can also accommodate hunters who need a power source to charge batteries or use a cpap machine. Base Camp is your destination on arrival day and also where you will park your vehicle and start your hunt for the week. The style of our base camps vary depending on where we are hunting but they most often will be cabins, an RV or nice tent camps with cots, heaters, a power source, boot dryers, clothes drying tent and a hot shower. Occasionally we will use a motel or house rental for a base camp out of convenience. You will arrive and depart your scheduled hunt from our base camp.


1251 - CopyOnce you arrive at base camp we have the option of hunting areas accessible from there or we can move further into our hunting areas with a remote spike camp. This camp is usually accessible from a vehicle but not within reasonable driving distance to our base camp. We use smaller 2-4 person tents and have a small camp we can move quickly. These type of hunts aren’t always necessary but give us great access to more remote areas outside of our base camp target range. This also gives us the option of targeting several specific animals instead of hunting one general location. If conditions aren’t right we can simply move camp to another area.


Depending on the species and the area to be hunted a backpack hunt might be the ticket to success.  On these hunts we provide most of the gear but the hunters are responsible for bringing a light weight sleeping bag, backpacking pad and pack suitable for carrying gear. Hunters are also responsible for packing their own gear, as well as helping pack out game animals. During these hunts we eat freeze dried meals and stay in one or two man backpacking tents or hammocks. For the backpack hunts it is necessary to be in the best physical condition possible. During these hunts we may backpack in and hunt one general area or we may hunt during the day and set up in a new location each night. We pack lightweight, primitive and are meant to be on the go.


On some hunts we can give you the option of staying in a motel. These hunts are usually reserved for areas with no public camping or in the situation where we are hunting within reasonable driving distance of town. It is not often that we offer motel accommodations however we do have areas that offer great hunting close to town and a motel is more convenient or may better suit your personal needs.
Though we prefer the camp option, if you prefer a motel we will do our best to match you with a hunt that will accommodate that. On these hunts we will either stay in a motel/hotel or a rental house as a base camp. Your guide will meet you in the morning for the days hunt and then return you to your room at night. If health reasons keep you from staying in a tent camp one of these town hunts may be right for you. Please ask about the details since most of our hunts take place from a more remote tent camp.


Throughout your hunt you will have plenty of food to keep you going. We will provide you with breakfast, lunch and dinner and plenty of snack food in between. Meals will vary from week to week but they are all home cooked meals and consist of food such as spaghetti, pulled pork, steak, BBQ beef brisket, lasagna etc. Breakfast is made to be quick and simple while giving you the energy to start your day. We always start out the day with a cup of coffee for those who drink it and for those who don’t we have tea and hot cocoa. Instant oatmeal or a muffin and a piece of fruit are a quick out the door breakfast but for those of you with a bigger appetite we always have eggs,bacon and sausage and can whip up a breakfast burrito in a minute. A full menu will be sent upon booking a hunt giving you the option to choose some of your meals.