barry in campBecause of the remote areas in which we hunt, most hunts will be conducted out of comfortable wall tent base camps. These camps are accessible with a 4 wheel drive vehicle. During the warmer early season hunts we take advantage of light weight and breathable material such as the Alaknak tents made by Cabela’s. We use these tents to sleep and set up an outside cooking and eating area. During the colder and often wet or snowy late season hunts we set up canvas wall tents for both sleeping and cooking/eating. These tents are set up with wood stoves and/or propane heat, clothes line, and propane boot dryers to keep you and your clothes dry and comfortable. All camps are set up to maximize comfort during your hunt. We have carpeted floors in the wall tents with cots or bunk beds. Alaknak tens are set up with throw rugs and cots.


1251 - CopyThese hunts are designed for the serious trophy hunters and guys that like to be in remote areas. These hunts aren’t always necessary but our biggest trophy animals are harvested an average of more than a mile from the nearest road access. On these hunts we provide most of the gear but the hunters are responsible for bringing a light weight sleeping bag, backpacking pad and pack suitable for carrying gear. They are also responsible for packing their own pack and gear, as well as helping pack out game animals. During these hunts we eat freeze dried meals and stay in one or two man backpacking tents.


DSCN0255 - CopyThroughout your hunt you will have plenty of food to keep you going. We will provide you with three meals a day and plenty of snack food in between. Breakfast and dinner will be cooked for you and a wide variety of lunch food will be set out for you to make your own.  If we have less than three hunters in camp the guides will do the cooking. Any more than three and we will have a full time cook throughout the hunt. Meals will vary from week to week but they regularly consist of foods such as steak, spaghetti, brats, burgers, salads, etc. Breakfast food will depend on the number of clients in camp. If the guides are responsible for cooking, plan on fruit, muffins, oatmeal, cereal, or scrambled eggs and sausage type food. Lunches will be a choice of several types of lunch meat, cheese, fruit cups, granola bars, etc. We provide plenty of bottled water to drink throughout your hunt. If you want pop or alcohol we suggest you purchase what you want prior to arriving in camp.


On certain hunts we have the option of staying in a motel. These hunts are during certain NM elk hunts but mainly during the late season hunts when the weather is bad and snow has driven the animals from the high country. Sometimes there are areas that have great hunting close to town and a motel is more convenient. We also utilize motels on some of our private land turkey and guided Blacktail deer hunts. Though we prefer the camp option, sometimes a motel is very convenient. On these hunts we will stay in a motel/hotel as a base camp and eat in local restaurants. Your guide will meet you in the morning for the days hunt and then return to the motel at night. If health reasons keep you from staying in a tent camp one of these town hunts may be right for you. Please ask about the details since most of our hunts take place from tent camps.