Oregon Mule Deer Hunting

Oregon Mule Deer Hunting


Oregon may not be well known as a top trophy Mule deer hunting destination, but possibly every unit east of the Cascade mountains will produce 165″- 200″ bucks with the potential of bigger. While the average mature buck size is 130″ – 165″, there are plenty of deer to give you a quality hunt with true trophy potential. 
Upfront Outfitters offers public land Mule deer hunting in some of the most productive game management units in Central and Southeastern Oregon. Operating under BLM and USFS permits we have access to thousands of acres of prime public land Mule deer hunting. We hunt several different GMU’s throughout Eastern Oregon’s diverse habitat and with our commitment to scouting once you’ve drawn your tag we can give you a great hunting experience.  Whether you are looking for a hardcore backpack hunt and a trophy of a lifetime, or want to hunt from a base camp and have a good time with family and friends let us assist you. We guarantee good food, good scouting and good times. Oregon’s beauty alone offers an breathtaking experience. If you would like to apply for Oregon’s controlled draw or have points and would like more information on the units that we hunt please don’t hesitate to contact us at mike@upfrontoutfitters.com 

OBTAINING A TAG Rifle tags for Mule deer are available through a controlled draw with a deadline of May 15 to apply. Hunters can also purchase a guaranteed tag through a qualified outfitter. In Oregon’s draw system 75% of tags go to 1st choice applicants with the most points and 25% go into a random draw pool for the remaining first choice applicants. Only 5% of all available deer tags are set aside for non resident hunters. Each year you purchase a hunting license and apply for a controlled hunt, or purchase a point saver you accumulate one preference point. Nonresident hunters need an average of 2-5 preference points to draw a decent tag while units with fewer tags available or higher trophy potential may take 10-20+ points to draw a tag. Archery hunters can purchase an over the counter tag for many of the mule deer units across the state. 

GUARANTEED OUTFITTER TAGS  Each year in December, qualified outfitters who are legally permitted to hunt in a specific GMU get to apply for up to 50% of all non-resident deer and elk tags available within that unit. The Outfitter then has until March 31 to sell these tags to potential clients. It is very similar to the NM outfitter draw pool except Outfitters compete amongst themselves. This gives much better draw odds to the Outfitters and inexpensive guaranteed tags to non-residents.


Guaranteed Outfitter Tags available until March 25

October 3-7 or October 10-14

Two hunters one guide $3,950
One hunter one guide   $5,550