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Oregon Rocky Mt Elk Hunting


The State of Oregon has the 5th largest elk population in the United States and great potential for those looking for a trophy bull and a quality hunt. Archery hunters can purchase a general license and over the counter tag which is good for most elk units in the State. Rifle hunters musts apply for a unit specific controlled draw hunt, or purchase a guaranteed outfitter tag, or Landowner tag.
Upfront Outfitters has long been passionate for elk hunting and we continue to produce quality Rocky Mountain elk. We are legally permitted to hunt most units in the State of Oregon and we work and scout hard throughout the year to find quality bulls. With over 20 years experience hunting and producing trophy Rocky Mountain elk, we can certainly help you with your dream hunt. No matter what your weapon of choice, we are elk hunting experts and can give you that hunt you dream about.
Give us a call today and start planning your hunt. You’ll be glad you did

TERRAIN & HUNTING TECHNIQUES – Oregon has a very diverse habitat throughout the eastern elk units. The mountainous landscape is filled with deep canyons, open ridges, logging clear-cuts and snow lined peaks. Lower elevations have everything from  agricultural fields to sage brush desert. Rocky Mountain elk are found throughout it all. The exact terrain to be hunted will greatly depend on the unit but steep is the normal for trophy elk. Our favorite method for Rocky Mountain elk is to spot and stalk quality bulls. To do this successfully expect to climb as high as possible before daylight and spend plenty of time glassing from high vantage points. We  glass for bulls moving toward bedding areas the first few hours of daylight and then slowly work ridge top saddles between canyons as we wait for elk to move from bedding to feeding areas and vice versa. During archery season we will spend time calling as we work ridge tops, benches and saddles that are bedding areas for the elk.
BOOKING – All hunts are booked on first come first serve basis. We take a small number of clients each year to ensure high success so availability is usually limited. It is important to plan early when booking a hunt with us. A non refundable DEPOSIT of 25% is due when you book a hunt. The balance is due 30 days prior to the hunt start.
LICENSING – To be eligible to hunt or before you can apply for an elk hunt in the state of Oregon, all hunters must first create an online profile on the state website https://odfw.huntfishoregon.com/login and purchase your Resident or Non Resident hunting license. Archery hunters, once you purchase your license, can buy an over the counter state wide elk tag as long as it is purchased prior to the start of the archery season. This tag is good for all units state wide except the few that are controlled draw for archery.
Rifle hunters have three options for obtaining an elk tag in Oregon. Once you purchase your hunting license, you can apply for a controlled draw hunt, purchase a guaranteed outfitter tag prior to march 31 or purchase a land owner tag. If you wish to apply for the controlled draw, you must apply by May 15. If successful, you then have until the day prior to the start of the hunting season to purchase your tag. If you do not purchase your tag prior to the start of the season you will be unable to obtain it. If unsuccessful you gain a preference point. If you would like to apply for the draw or would like more information please call and we will give you the correct hunts to apply for, and assist you with your application.
Guaranteed outfitter tags are available on first come first service basis, directly through a qualified outfitter such as us. These tags are unit specific tags that outfitters have drawn in a separate draw that takes place just between outfitters. Outfitters then have until March 31 each year to sell those tags.
WHAT’S INCLUDED – All hunts include meals, lodging, guide service and all transportation once you arrive in camp. Also included is skinning of your animal and preparing meat and hide for delivery to our local butcher shop and taxidermist. We will also assist with preparation of meat and hide for airplane travel. If you wish to donate some or all of your meat we have a form for you to fill out to make it a legal process.
WHAT’S NOT INCLUDED – Not included are tags and licenses, transportation cost to and from camp, motel costs before or after scheduled trip, rental cars, meat processing, taxidermy or gratuities for guides.
AIRPORTS – The nearest major airport is Portland, Oregon (PDX). Depending on the area that we will hunt you may choose to fly into Redmond, Oregon (EUG) which is sometimes closer to camp. We will determine this after booking and before you purchase your travel.
GRATUITIES– Although not required, as in any service business gratuities are greatly appreciated. A recommended amount of 10-20% gratuity for a hard working guide is standard.

NOW BOOKING FOR 2020 & 2021


Aug 29 – Sept 7 – 10 DAY TROPHY HUNT
1 hunter 1 guide – $10,500
2 hunters 1 guide – $7,500

Sept 10 – Sept 15 – 6,7 or 8 days available

Sept 21 – Sept 27 – 7 DAY TROPHY RUT HUNT
1 hunter 1 guide $7,500
2 hunters 1 guide $5,150
Archery Elk Hunters DO NOT NEED TO DRAW A TAG! You only need an general archery over the counter tag.



4 DAY – RIFLE ELK – First Season
Oct 28 – Nov 1 
$5,550 one hunter one guide

7 DAY RIFLE ELK – Second Season 
NOV 7-13
$7,550 one hunter one guide
$5,250 two hunters one guide

Rifle Hunters must apply for and draw a guaranteed tag through a controlled draw with a May 15 deadline to apply, or purchase a guaranteed outfitter tag prior to March 31