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Oregon Roosevelt Elk, Blacktail Deer, and Black Bear Hunting

Upfront Outfitters offers a wide range of big game hunting throughout Oregon’s diverse landscape. We specialize in fully-guided over the counter hunts. Upfront Outfitters provides trophy hunting for Rocky Mountain Elk, the difficult Roosevelt Elk, and Blacktail Deer Hunting for those seeking a challenge and pursuing the North American Grand Slam. We are also experienced and have the qualified guides and resources to successfully hunt all species, including Black Bear, through controlled draw tags across the region.

Oregon Camping
Most of our hunts are conducted from tent base camps and remote spike camps so that we are able to put you closer to the game. We offer primitive backpack hunts for the go getters and can also accommodate motel hunts for those who require modern accommodations. No matter what tag you have acquired, we have the resources and put the time in scouting endlessly for your success.

Oregon Hunting

Elk Hunting in Oregon









Hunters have the opportunity to apply for limited controlled draw tags for Bighorn Sheep, Antelope, Trophy Elk as well as Deer and Spring Bear. There is an abundance of Roosevelt Elk, Blacktail Deer, Bear and, Turkey Hunting available with over the counter tags as well. Whether you have drawn a once in a lifetime tag, need assistance applying for the right controlled hunt or just want a great hunting opportunity with an Oregon over the counter tag, Upfront Outfitters is your trusted resource and a name you can count on.

Oregon Roosevelt Elk Hunting

Oregon Elk Hunting
Oregon is estimated to have the 5 th largest Elk population in the United States with an estimated 125,000 elk. With an abundance of hunting opportunities, this makes Oregon one of the premier destinations for elk hunters in the country. Approximately 65,000 elk are the Rocky Mountain species living east of the Cascade Mountain range. Another 60,000 Roosevelt Elk make up the difference west of the Cascade mountains. The majority of the Roosevelt Elk live west of Interstate 5 in the GMU’s throughout Western Oregon and in the Coast Range mountains along the Pacific Ocean. These same units are the ones we concentrate our archery and rifle Roosevelt Elk Hunting.

Oregon Blacktail Deer Hunting

Oregon Blacktail Deer Hunting
Western Oregon’s Blacktail Deer population is estimated to be around 300,000 or more animals. They live in the lush habitat of the coastal mountains and western Cascades with most trophy blacktail coming from the Southern Oregon units. Though any unit in Oregon has the potential of producing trophy animals, the counties in which we hunt produce the most records entered into the books year after year. We hunt both public and private lands for trophy Blacktail Deer and offer trophy muzzleloader hunts with a controlled draw tag.

CONTROLLED HUNT APPLICATION Deadline – May 15. Non-Residents have a 5% set aside for all tags in controlled draw hunts. Some units are guaranteed to draw with no points as a non-resident.

OVER THE COUNTER TAGS must be purchased 24 hours prior to the start of the season. There are no exceptions. Failure to do so will result in not getting your license.