Washington and Oregon along the West Coast have some of the highest bear densities in the country. The use of hounds and bait have been illegal for over 20 years and these bears have gone unpressured and can grow big. We offer spring and fall bear hunts throughout the Southwest and Coastal mountains of Washington. Spring hunts are obtained by special drawing and Fall bear hunting licenses are available over the counter.  During the month of August we prefer to glass high country where the berries are becoming ripe and we can watch deep canyons for feeding bears. We also take advantage of calling from time to time and try to coax a bear in for an exciting encounter. All of our Bear Hunts are 100% Fair Chase.

We spend a lot of time glassing older clear cuts where the Black Bears feed daily. During these fall Bear Hunts they feed frequently presenting plenty of opportunity for the patient bear hunter. We target large Black Bears that will average 6ft and bigger with a 7ft Black Bear being very realistic. With the vast amount of dense forest land, logging clear-cuts filled with berries and salmon filled streams this is a Bear Hunting paradise.  Washington state has the second highest bear population in the U.S next to Alaska with an estimated 30,000 or more bears.

METHODS- Our preferred methods for Bear Hunting are glassing feeding areas and spot and stalk. At certain times calling in bears is extremely successful. Calling tends to work best on bears that we spot first but may not be able to get a good stalk. If you’ve ever wanted excitement you’ll get it when a bear disappears into the brush and starts charging to a call. We’ve shot a bear as close as 8ft with a bow as it charged in to a lost calf call. Good optics and a lot of time spent using them is a very important element to a successful Washington Bear Hunting Trip . Most successful bear hunts are not very physical once we are in our hunting area.

 2020 Black Bear Hunting Dates
•August 1-5, 10-15 or 17-21

•Two hunters one guide $3,250 per person
•One hunter one guide $4,550 per person

Additional Pricing Information

All Washington Bear Hunts include food, lodging, trophy preparation, guide service, and transportation while in camp, airport pickup can be arranged for an additional charge of $300. Price does not include tags or license, state tax, taxidermy, meat processing, transportation to camp, or gratuities toward your Bear Hunting Guide.


All Washington Bear Hunts require a Non Refundable 25% deposit at the time of booking unless other arrangements are made. Balance is due 30 days prior to the Bear Hunt. We accept money orders, cashier checks, personal checks, Visa, Master Card and Discover. We also accept ATM debit cards. Unfortunately we will no longer accept personal checks for final payments unless made by the 30 day deadline.


Ranked as one of the Top Washington Trophy Bear Hunting Destinations in 2016 by Ranch Review and Outfitter Connection!